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Rock Flow DynamicstNavigator 4.0 supports compositional and thermal simulations, assisted history matching and uncertainty assessment. A new GUI runs simulations on remote clusters.

SeisWare 8.0 is out and includes an attribute library from Rock Solid Images, a 3D co-visualization window for RGBA attribute blending, SEG-Y data management and coordinate transformation.

The 3.8 release of Senergy Software’s Oilfield Data Manager includes a new GUI, heatmap and analysis stick plots and enhancements to the reservoir performance module 3D viewer.

TerraSpark Geosciences reports a 360x speedup with the 1.9 release of its Insight Earth flagship. Interpretation workflows have been streamlined for work in complex 3D systems such as turbidites and carbonates. Support for 16 bit data and Nvidia’s latest Kepler graphics cards has been added.

Energy Solutions International has released GasStream, a gas management system spanning gathering, processing and transportation.

The 5.2 release of ETL SolutionsTransformation Manager includes a debugger.

GIS Media has released a beta version of GeoFold, an ArcGIS 10 add-in for calculating seismic coverage from shot and receiver geometry.

INT has announced GeoToolkit.NET 3.5 for C# developers with support for deviated well track headers in log and well schematics and a multi-well capability. All components now run on the .NET Framework 4.

Knowledge Reservoir has announced a new hosted decision support tool for assessing non conventional oil and gas plays. CompassKB offers a best-practice roadmap and wiki written by KR’s subject matter experts.

The 1.3 release of Kongsberg’s LedaFlow transient multiphase simulator for wells and pipelines includes a new separator model and new parallel code gives an average 70 % speedup on multi-CPU hardware.

New Petrel plugins this month include Blueback Reservoir’s project tracker utilities, WesternGeco’s low frequency property estimatior and L&T Infotech’s auto tracker and Q calculator.

Dolphin Group unit Open Geophysical has released OpenCPS 3.0 seismic processing package with new support for crooked lines, FXY deconvolution and 3D SRME and Fourier-domain regularization.

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