CCSI releases first set of modeling tools

Carbon capture software toolset announced to accelerate deployment at ‘hundreds of plants.’

The US Carbon Capture Simulation Initiative (CCSI) released its first set of computational tools and models late last year. These, the initial components of the CCSI toolset, provide models and computational capabilities to accelerate the commercial development of carbon capture technologies. The CCS toolset has application in power generation, refining and natural gas production. The new tools address process synthesis and optimization with physics-based models of proposed capture equipment and processes along with a framework for the ‘quantification of the uncertainty of model predictions.’

The toolset includes the creation of ‘reduced order models’ of reacting multiphase flow simulations and utilities for running thousands of process simulations concurrently for optimization and uncertainty quantification. The pre-release of the CCSI toolset comes ahead of schedule reflecting ‘intense industry interest’ in getting early access to the tools and the ‘phenomenal’ progress of the team!

The CCSI, a partnership among national laboratories, industry and academic institutions is developing computational models and simulation tools to accelerate the commercialization of CCS which is envisaged to be deployed at ‘hundreds of power plants.’ The CCSI did not respond to our request for a link to their software. Perhaps they were too busy gassing.

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