DMG Events’ Marrakesh E&P data governance workshop

Total leverages Innerlogix in major upstream data cleanup. Saudi Aramco’s DMBoard initiative.

The inaugural DMG E&P data governance and information quality workshop held in Marrakech earlier this year heard from Jean-Michel Amouroux on Total’s experience with Schlumberger’s Innerlogix (ILX) data quality management toolkit. Total has used ILX along with in-house developed technology on several multi-year well and seismic data clean-up and management projects. Projects included harmonising data across reference projects, master projects and the working environment and consolidating to a single well master. A seismic project targeted speeding up data loading and the identification of duplicate navigation data.

ILX proved successful at cleaning, de-duplication and consolidating well data for Total’s new ventures department, providing data quality KPIs, job scheduling during off-peak hours and automatic update of corporate data stores. ILX’ scripting function was used in the seismic project to automate line matching on a statistical basis. The technique will likely feed-back into future ILX functionality.

Much of the rest of the Marrakech event was devoted to high level information governance activity led by IPL’s Chris Bradley. The event also hosted a gathering of the new, Saudi Aramco-sponsored DMBoard, an energy special interest group focusing on E&P data management. The DMBoard plans to coordinate efforts towards comprehensive and aligned E&P Data management strategy and to influence E&P data management best practices. Interested oil and gas company data managers are invited to join up. The next DMBoard meet will be at PNEC.

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