New TemisFlow modeling package from Beicip-Franlab

IFP Energies Nouvelles and French atomic energy agency’s Arcane compute infrastructure leveraged.

A new version of Becip-Franlab’s ‘TemisFlow’ oil and gas reservoir fluid flow simulator developed by the French Petroleum Institute IFP Energies Nouvelles (Ifpen) has just been released. The latest version embeds a numerical platform ‘Arcane,’ co-developed by Ifpen and the French atomic energy agency CEA. Arcane, under development since 2000, was initially conceived under France’s ‘Simulation’ program that set out to replace real-world nuclear weapons testing with numerical modeling. Ifpen has been collaborating with the CEA on Arcane since 2007.

Arcane is a high performance computing platform that promises to free high performance computing (HPC) developers of the burden of low-level parallelism, memory management, I/O and 3D unstructured mesh management. Arcane optimizes code for performance across massively parallel HPC clusters with thousands of cores. An object oriented design provides ‘modularity and agility’ to developers. The CEA/Ifpen collaboration focused on the management of 3D meshes and graphs and on multi-core best practices. The result is that TemisFlow now accommodates more complex geological structures along with special case simulation such as carbon dioxide sequestration.

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