iOra GeoReplicator for SharePoint 2013

SharePoint replication specialist trials 2013 Microsoft product release.

UK-based Microsoft SharePoint specialist iOra reports that its ‘Geo-Replicator’ technology, ‘with a few tweaks,’ can replicate SharePoint 2013 and Office 2013. Said tweaks will integrate the 2013 release due out ‘real soon now.’ This will include a new GUI and new capabilities for monitoring replication both locally and remotely. Geo-Replicator is used to synchronize data from oil and gas platforms and other remote facilities. Patented replication and compression technology synchronizes content enterprise wide. Use cases include delivery of seismic surveys, drilling data and data logs to and from rig to HQ. Users include Shell, Ofdjell and Chevron. Worldwide, some 65,000 machines are licensed for iOra replication.

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