RPS develops safety case for driller Ensco

HSE and risk management specialist deploys CGE’s BowTieXP software and methodology.

RPS reports that its HSE and risk management team in Perth, Australia has been working with Ensco, one of the world’s largest offshore drilling contractors since 2007 to develop safety cases for the Ensco 7500 and 8500-series of mobile offshore drilling units. The 7500 foot water depth capable unit is a dynamically positioned semisub that has worked for Chevron in Australia and in the Gulf of Mexico.

RPS safety cases allow operators to demonstrate that all risks associated with the operation of these rigs have been reduced to ‘as low as reasonably practicable.’ Safety case development is conducted using a qualitative risk assessment approach involving extensive participation of the rig crew to meet local regulatory requirements. RPS uses the ‘bow tie’ approach to safety case work.

RPS is a licensed provider of CGE Risk Management Solutions’ BowTieXP software, training and consulting. The BowTie methodology is widely used to perform risk assessment on hazardous facilities. BowTieXP provides a visual, qualitative or semi-quantitative approach to assessing risk along with an understanding of the ‘top event’ and associated controls and responsibilities. Other safety cases developed by RPS include fire and explosion, evacuation and rescue, emergency systems survivability and documentation of Ensco’s safety management system.

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