Premier virtualized

ISN migrates legacy Windows servers to VMWare vSphere-based data center. NetApp upgrade and new Cisco VLANs performing ‘as promised.’

Following its remote desktop development last year (OITJ 07/2012), Premier Oil has extended its virtualization effort, executed by UK-based ISN Solutions, with the virtualization of its corporate data center. ISN has consolidated Premier’s legacy Windows servers onto a high-availability cluster running VM Ware’s vSphere. Premier can now dynamically move workloads around the new environment to allocate resources according to business needs.

Offsite replication and failover provide disaster tolerance and snapshot, archiving and imaging technology improve performance and manageability. Premier’s NetApp storage was upgraded with a new tiering capability that stores critical data and virtual machine files on the most reliable and fast media. Dedicated VLANs were assigned to subsystems to optimize throughput and optimize backup. ISN managed to install the system without disrupting Premier’s day-to-day operations.

Premier CIO Dave Edwards said, ‘The solution has delivered everything it promised. If we open a new office or need to bring a new site online it gives us the potential to provision new systems and be sure they’re protected all under the umbrella of our centralized data centre.’ More from ISN.

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