SAIC’s NoSQL ‘big data’ offering for oil and gas

Digital Edge offers oil and gas clients business intelligence and environmental monitoring.

SAIC has announced Digital Edge, the first component of Critical Insight, a suite of ‘big data’ optimization solutions for the enterprise. Critical Insight targets inter alia the ‘energy’ industry with a business intelligence solution that provides real-time alerts for use cases including cyber security threats, financial fraud detection and other ‘digital anomalies.’

Digital Edge enables capture of streaming real-time data and provides processing tools and ‘data enrichment’ i.e. merging of data sources. A ‘billions of data records per day’ bandwidth is claimed for the system. Enriched data is stored in a large, open source NoSQL platform which can be located in various cloud environments.

A couple of years back, SAIC divested its oil and gas consultancy to Wipro (Oil ITJ May 2011) so we asked if Digital Edge might signal a return to the vertical.

SAIC senior VP engineering JT Grumski told us, ‘Our big data solutions for oil and gas include gas sampling related to shale drilling, long-term environmental asset management and land use data management.’

‘Our technologies provide clients with web-based (including geospatial) solutions and data warehouses which organize and relate large data sets for long-term use and storage. We also provide complete lifecycle traceability of work performed for environmental projects.’ Brace yourself for a ‘big jargon’ onslaught and read the SAIC release.

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