Hess deploys Resman tracer technology

Downhole tracer passes Valhall test. Hess now looking to go global with technology.

Following Husky Oil’s successful trials of Resman’s tracer technology last year (Oil IT Journal October 2012), Hess reports successful deployment on the Norwegian North Sea Vallhall field. Resman’s tracers are embedded in the outer body of a sliding sleeve built into the well architecture. Units are placed at strategic locations in the well. As production proceeds, the chemicals leach into the production stream and are detected at the surface. Since each location has a different chemical signature, they provide insight into which zones are producing and in what quantity.

Conny Gilbert, subsurface team leader with Hess Norway said, ‘It is like having a continuous production log without having to run a tool into the well. It’s a very elegant solution.’ Hess reports that ‘the cost of installation is low and the quality of information is high. Resman’s technology has a longer productive life span than conventional chemical tracers and is more environmentally friendly.’ Hess is now evaluating the technology for deployment at other locations worldwide. More from Resman.

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