Fiatech’s projects for 2013

Workforce planning. ISO 15926 for equipment, piping data. Conformance and digital seals.

The Austin, TX-based construction standards body Fiatech has announced new projects for 2013. One, ‘integrated workface planning and control’ will leverage previous best practices from the Construction Industry Institute’s Research Team 272 and the Construction Owners Association of Alberta’s workface planning committee. Fiatech plans to develop a data model of industry information resources.

Another project builds on the ISO 15926 standard to capture equipment data requirements and assess conformance (ERDC). This will ‘establish a common understanding’ of ISO 15926 usage in Fiatech and develop an assessment methodology for software conformance to ISO 15926 data structures. This effort will leverage the 2012 oil and gas interoperability pilot, a joint effort from Fiatech, Mimosa and the Norwegian POSC/Caesar Association.

Another ISO 15926-based project addresses piping data exchange with a ‘neutral file format compatible with ISO 15926’ for piping specifications, geometry and material standards and symbology.

Fiatech is also envisaging a cloud-based server for US building codes and standards with Compu-tecture’s ‘’ platform as a starting point. Finally, Fiatech’s regulatory committee and the American institute of architects are to collaborate on guidelines for state and local in the use of digital seals on construction documents. More on Fiatech’s projects.

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