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OGC—OWS 9. PPDM to Witsml mapping/raster log standard. PODS Open Spatial 5.1. IOGC, GWPC FracFocus 2.0. Chemical Industries Association—EU Reach legislation ‘disappoints.’

The Open Geospatial Consortium, OGC reports ‘strong interest’ in its web services phase 9 (OWS-9) testbed from a meeting last month at ESRI’s Redland campus. OWS-9 sponsorship totaled $2.65 million with an extra $ 5 million of ‘participant in-kind’ contributions. OWS-9 documents are in final review prior to public release on the OGC website.

PPDM and Energistics have kicked off a joint work group to investigate mapping between PPDM’s relational database and Energistics’ Witsml well data transfer standard. The work group is also to investigate standardizing depth calibrated scanned well logs images.

The Oil & Gas Producers association OGP has created an Earth Observation subcommittee in its Geomatics group to promote take up of the technology among OGP members and to develop guidelines, good practices and specifications for the use of earth observation and related products.

The Pipeline open data standards body has released PODS Open Spatial 5.1 for member comment. The release includes scripts to add optional spatial columns to several tables in the PODS 5.1 data model and scripts for sample data loading. Sample data includes a fictitious pipeline with ILI, pipe segment and valve attributes populated.

Next June, FracFocus 2.0 (a new XML format) will become the only method for submitting records to FracFocus. In the interim, IOGCC and the Ground water protection council maintain the legacy Excel-based submission capability to allow companies to prepare for the change. Checkout the beta test site. More from FracFocus.

The UK Chemical Industries Association has expressed ‘disappointment’ at the European Commission’s announcement of a review of its Registration, evaluation and authorization of chemicals legislation, Reach. CIA director Joanne Lloyd said, ‘This review fails to provide the clarity we need to tackle the regulatory minefield and will have a disastrous effect on smaller companies as the next round of Reach is implemented.’ More from the CIA.

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