Bull-X for IFPen

Ener 110, a 500 teraflop Bull-X B700 series DLC blade cluster to provide compute power for French Petroleum Institute IFP Energie Nouvelles.

The French Petroleum Institute IFP Energies Nouvelles has taken delivery of a new supercomputer from Bull. The new machine, ‘Ener 110’ will be located at Axel’One, part of the IFP’s downstream R&D unit in Lyon France. It will be used to model internal combustion engine dynamics, catalytic conversion processes and geological CO2 sequestration.

Ener 110 is a massively parallel Bull-X B700 series DLC blade cluster with a 110 teraflop bandwidth. Its 378 nodes (6048 cores) are linked by a 56 gigabit Infiniband/FDR network. Local and remote 3D/3D visualization allows for interaction and collaboration on large models. The facility cost €4.5 million of which €3.1 million went on the hardware and € 1.5 on the electric infrastructure.

Ener 110’s B700 direct liquid cooling blades make the system self regulating—no independent air conditioning is required.

The facility was funded with a €2 million grant from ERDF, the European Union’s Regional Development Fund, €500k from the Rhône-Alpes region and the remainder from the IFP. More on ENER 110 (in French), on ERDF and on the Bull-X B700.

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