Agile’s ‘fuzzy’ LAS standard

‘Most well tie software broken.’ FuzzyLAS API provides access to authoritative log curve names.

Geoscientist and blogger Matt Hall thinks that most well tie software is ‘broken,’ particularly by the chaos caused by proliferating log curve names. Schlumberger alone has over 50,000 curve and tool names reflecting decades of development. For Hall, most attempts at standardization are doomed because of the need to compromise. They are not fit for purpose and are hard to maintain in the face of changing technology.

Hall says, ‘Instead of trying to fix the chaos, cope with it!’ What is needed is a search tool for log names that is ‘free, easy to use, and fast.’ It needs to be comprehensive, containing ‘every log and every tool from every formation evaluation company.’ The tool should provide human and machine readable output along with information on the curve or tool, and links to more details. Enter Agile’s fuzzyLAS, an embryonic curve library-cum-web service that currently contains 31,000 curve names along with a web API for fuzzy searches. Hall invites those struggling with rogue curve mnemonics to get in touch via Agile to ‘help build something useful for the community.’.

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