Statoil reports on ‘GeoTracker’ deployment at ECIM workshop

ECIM well data management workshop hears how Kadme’s workflow manager tracks well reporting.

Speaking at the recent ECIM Well data management formats and workflows workshop held in Sandnes, Norway, Kronen Gård, Statoil principal analyst for data and information management reported on ‘GeoTracker,’ a new well reporting compliance system. Statoil wanted a system to assure compliance in reporting well data to NPD, the Norwegian regulator.

The system was designed to track all well reporting activity from initialization in Statoil’s corporate database through internal workflows, QC, storage in PetroBank and reporting. GeoTracker assigns roles for different tasks and allows users to monitor progress throughout the reporting workflow. The objective is to complete all reporting to Petrobank within six months of a well reaching total depth (a legal requirement in Norway). GeoTracker uses a shopping cart metaphor for data gathering. Wells are initialized from an internal database to ensure the correct total depth date is used. The system enumerates tasks and relevant databases and users can add comments on workflow status. The system notifies users what remains to be done at any point in workflow. Tasks may be flagged as ‘please complete’ or ‘blocked’ when they depend on others’ actions.

GeoTracker provides a heads-up when action is required as in, ‘the following well has reached TD but is not yet initialized in GeoTracker.’ Nagging reminders of deadlines and recently unblocked tasks are sent to the appropriate stakeholders. The system also provides summary wellbore status reports in HTML or Excel.

GeoTracker went into production in October 2011 and as of the end of November 2012, 133 wellbores had been reported to the authorities. Gård observed that reporting is like a relay race, ‘it’s not particularly complicated, but it’s important not to drop the baton!’ GeoTracker was developed by Kadme on top of its Whereoil system. More from Kadme and ECIM.

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