Blue Marble claims ‘gold level’ GIGS compliance

GeoCalc SDK has ‘extensive capability’ for geospatial transformation and quality assurance.

Blue Marble Geographics is claiming ‘gold-level’ compliance with the OGP’s GIGS* guidelines for the 6.6 release of its GeoCalc software development toolkit. The GIGS guidelines from the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers Geomatics Committee establish degrees of geodetic integrity in software tools according a 4 level scale. Gold compliance indicates an ‘extensive capability to perform coordinate operations, incorporating features that expand the range of applicability and/or reduce the probability of geospatial integrity violations.’

GeoCalc provides coordinate transformation capabilities in many interpretation packages used in oil and gas. The new release provides automatic downloading of horizontal and vertical grid shift files, a datum shift generation tool, direct coordinate transforms and support for the new INdicio 2.2.1 for the web hosted version of the EPSG database.

Blue Marble has been a contributor to the GIGS evaluation process since 2006 and its Geographic Calculator and GeoCalc SDK were used to develop the GIGS coordinate transformation best practices guidelines.

* Geospatial Integrity of Geoscience Software.

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