Kongsberg decision support for Laggan-Tormore

Total/Dong joint venture gets tailored version of LedaFlow for MEG closed loop system.

Sandvika, Norway-based Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies has been selected by Total E&P and Dong UK to supply a production management system (PMS) for the UK North Sea Laggan-Tormore project. Laggan-Tormore is an ambitious subsea completion located 125km north-west of the Shetland Islands in a ‘uniquely challenging’ environment. The PMS will be installed onshore at the Shetland gas plant processing terminal along with an ‘overall flow metering system’ (OFMS), also from Kongsberg.

The PMS is a dynamic model of the 140 km production pipelines and gas processing facilities that allows operators to understand process behavior and ensure safe and efficient production. To manage the liquids inventory, particularly the MEG* closed loop system, a high fidelity model is required. This is achieved with a dynamic model based on LedaFlow, a new transient multiphase flow simulator that was developed jointly by Kongsberg and Total. The OFMS provides production reconciliation and acts as a control for drift in the system’s multi phase flow meters.

* mono-ethylene glycol, a hydrate inhibitor

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