Industrial Internet

GE’s Immelt believes ‘mind and machine’ industrial internet will revolutionize oil production. Shell launch client for new subsea integrity management system.

A report from GE describes a new ‘industrial internet’ backbone of technologies and services. This is set to optimize networks, plants and facilities, leveraging ‘big data,’ and software diagnostics, connecting machines to the business.

GE identifies three enablers for the industrial internet, technology (sensors, instrumentation and user endpoints), cyber security and new ‘cross-cutting’ roles such as digital/mechanical engineers, data scientists, software and security specialists. The report envisions a ‘second internet revolution’ as machinery gets increasingly connected. As CEO Jeff Immelt puts it, ‘The industrial internet is revolutionizing our services. We will leverage our $150 billion backlog to grow this technology and our revenues 4-5% annually.’

GE’s specialty, ‘things that spin’ is deployed in drilling, pipelines and ‘big energy’ plants such as LNG trains. Today’s industrial internet offerings include optimized facilities and a new subsea integrity management (SIM) system. SIM software combines data from sensors measuring vibration, temperature and leak detection across well heads, manifolds and production stations. Shell is the launch customer for GE’s SIM.

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