Semantic update—EU ‘Optique,’ GeoKnow interlinked GIS

Statoil and Siemens involved in EU semantic R&D. Leipzig University and supply chain GIS.

Statoil and Siemens have signed up with a new EU-Funded semantic research project, ‘Optique’, a four year, €14 million investigation into ‘scalable, end-user access to big data.’ Optique sets out to bring a ‘paradigm shift’ for data access with a ‘semantic, end-to-end connection between users and data sources.’ Users will be able to formulate intuitive queries using familiar vocabularies and concepts and seamlessly integrate data spread across multiple distributed databases and streaming sources. Optique will furthermore exploit ‘massive parallelism’ for scalability ‘far beyond traditional RDBMSs.’ Project lead is Oslo University.

Another EU-funded project, ‘Geo-Know’ also launched recently. The three-year project will investigate interlinking, information management, aggregation and visualization of spatial web data, mitigating the ‘time-consuming and complex’ use of traditional GIS. One use case to be studied is supply chain management. The project is lead from the computer science department of Leipzig University.

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