Energistics NDR production reporting

Position paper from Data Horizon reviewed by regulators. Data exchange demoed at KL NDR12.

Past NDR Chairman (Emeritus) Stewart Robinson has issued a call to arms to the national data repository community to encourage collaboration on production data reporting. A production data initiative was kicked off at the 2011 Brazil NDR meet. This saw the collaboration of NDRs, software developers and oil companies ‘seeking better ways of managing oil and gas production data.’

A position paper, ‘Data Structures for National Regulators’, authored by Eric Atherton of Data Horizon, has subsequently been reviewed and updated with input from several regulators. A demonstrator was shown at the Kuala Lumpur NDR12 meet involving web services-based data exchange between Data Horizon and Performix. The next step is to extend the ProdML schemas into a new Energistics data standard for regulatory reporting of production data. The work will be conducted by the Energistics ProdML special interest group. The group aims to develop a ‘simple, flexible standard’ for regulatory use. More from Energistics.

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