dbMap prospects and leads goes international

Petrosys seeking early adopters for customizable web-based version of core dbMap product.

Petrosys has announced a ‘next generation’ edition of dbMap—its solution for managing digital seismic and log records, scanned reports, maps and and core photographs. The latest ‘international’ release is a customizable, web-based version of the core dbMap product. Petrosys dbMap started life as the ‘Prospects and leads database’ (PLDB), a bespoke development for Santos that has been in use for several years. Petrosys has negotiated the redevelopment and extension of PLDB using its dbMap/web architecture.

Petrosys CEO Volker Hirsinger told Oil IT Journal, ‘The area of prospects and leads is very broad and requires careful integration with client workflows and procedures. It is attractive for companies wanting this functionality to come on board early in the development cycle. Bringing a few such companies on board is our current aim. We have also developed FracDB, a dbMap extension for frac data and we are currently commercializing an implementation of the PPDM 3.8 records management (RM) module for unstructured data management.’

According to Hirsinger, the RM module gives clients ‘full ownership and control’ of their knowledge base and lets them leverage best of breed tools from other PPDM vendors. Petrosys’ dbMap is a data management offering that connects to PPDM data stores, providing applications and data management tools in the form of tailored DDLs and an extended data model. The latest 17.3 release of the Petrosys desktop includes improved mapping from Excel spreadsheets and layered/georeferenced PDF output. More from Petrosys.

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