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Tecplot, ClearEdge3D, Energy Graphics, Kappa, Mechdyne, New Century Software, Pegasus Vertex, Quorum Business Solutions, TD Williamson, SPT Group.

Tecplot’s RS 2012 reservoir simulation post processor adds a plot gallery, arbitrary slices through simulation grids and SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop and Windows 8 support.

ClearEdge3D’s EdgeWise Plant 4.0 offers improved pipe extraction algorithms, ‘billion-plus’ point cloud visualization and dimensionally accurate component placement from a new ‘specification-driven’ library.

Energy Graphics has added touch screen technology to its Intellex suite, bringing its maps and datasets to digital wall maps and iPad devices. Maps can also be published from the Intellex GIS Data Server.

Kappa Engineering has released Kappa Server V5.0, a redesign of Diamant with enhancements including a ‘second generation’ wavelet and an ‘open’ server interface. Kappa also announced Kappa Viz V5.0 a 3D ‘virtual meeting place’ that manages models, logs, seismic blocks, geomodels and simulations from Kappa and third party applications.

Mechdyne Corp. has announced Connection Portal, a web-based interface that allows everyone in an organization to access computer assets from anywhere within the enterprise. ‘Ubiquitous access’ enables pooled blades, desk-side work stations, meeting rooms and collaborative work sessions.

The 4.6 release of New Century Software’s Facility Manager ArcMap extension enables centerline maintenance tasks such as new line creation, pipe reroutes, linking key documents and merging pipelines. The new release targets PHMSA MAOP requirement to ensure that records are ‘reliable, verifiable and complete’.

Pegasus Vertex has announced CemLab, a cement lab data management system. CemLab covers the time-consuming and expensive processes involved in designing and testing cementing slurries. The tool calculates ingredients, stores test results and generates lab reports.

Quorum Business Solutions is now offering its pipeline transaction management system (QPTM) as a hosted service. Operators can access contracts, nomination, scheduling and billing software from the ‘QCloud.’ QPTM addresses FERC regulated pipelines and storage facilities subject to NAESB regulations.

TD Williamson has released Interactive Report 2013, software support for inline inspection and pigging operations.

SPT Group’s Drillbench V6.0 offers dynamic modeling of influx and blowout situations. Drillbench now supports dual gradient drilling, integrates well paths from Petrel and reads pore and fracture pressure data from Techlog.

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