Roxar 2013—'the interpretation is the model’

Move into seismic interpretation. Uncertainty mapping and statistical risk management.

Emerson’s Roxar unit has announced RMS 2013 (sic), the latest edition of its flagship reservoir/geomodeling package. The new release heralds a ‘move’ into seismic interpretation along with ‘model driven’ interpretation capabilities and tools for quantifying geologic risk early in the interpretation process.

RMS 2013 automates the model building process by generating thousands of models from estimates of uncertainty in an interpretation. These are then clustered into statistically significant ensembles that best characterize the underlying data. ‘Uncertainty maps’ of key risks in the prospect can be generated to pinpoint areas for further study.

Roxar MD Kjetil Fagervik said, ‘Quantifying risk has never been more important than with today’s complex geologies and marginal prospects. RMS’ model driven interpretation and uncertainty management make for streamlined, validated workflows where the interpretation itself is the model.’

As revealed in Oil IT Journal (2012/11/01) much of the technology under the RMS 2013 hood was conceived under Statoil’s three year ‘Total uncertainty management’ program. RMS is available for Windows and as a cluster-ready Linux edition. More from Roxar.

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