Patent ‘troll’ Acacia grabs 3D geomodeling patent

Dynamic 3D Geosolutions plans to enforce upstream geological and geophysical patent.

A new unit of Acacia Research Corp., Dynamic 3D Geosolutions, has partnered with the owners of patented technology for 3-D geosciences modeling. The patents cover ‘methods and systems for performing dynamic, 3-D geological and geophysical modeling used in oil and gas exploration and production.’ Acadia declined to say whose technology and patent was in play but VP Charlotte Rutherford told Oil IT Journal, ‘This is the first of many opportunities in our roll-out of a world-class energy sector platform. Our mission is to empower companies and inventors to realize revenue via the licensing of intellectual property. The digital oilfield market is key area of focus.’

A Business Week article described Acacia as a ‘non practicing entity,’ a polite way of saying ‘patent troll.’ (Acacia has elsewhere been described as ‘the mother of all patent trolls). Patent trolls use the courts to enforce patents that they own. If your modelers are feeling the heat you may want to talk to Yetter Coleman (2013/01/24). If we had to guess who is Acacia’s partner, Austin Geomodeling’s Recon, whose ‘dynamic, 3D geological interpretation and modeling’ patent (US 7,986,319 B2) sounds like a good candidate. More from Acacia.

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