eCorp’s non hydraulic frac technology in Time magazine

French government report gives thumbs-up to trials—but Hollande says no!

Houston-based eCorp Stimulation Technology got a boost last month with recognition by Time magazine of its propane-based fracturing technology as one of the ‘best innovations of the year.’ eCorp’s ‘pure propane stimulation’ is claimed to be ‘an environmentally friendly alternative to hydraulic fracturing.’

eCorp has developed a non-flammable fluorinated form of propane that suppresses the flammability risk of LPG. According to the company, fluorination is achieved ‘without chemical additives.’ eCorp CEO John Thrash claimed that using non-flammable propane avoids well sites being subject to Seveso classification.

eCorp recently presented its technology to representatives of the hitherto skeptical French parliament which has now issued a comprehensive study on the benefits and risks of future non conventional exploration in France. Government scientists came down favorably on the ‘need for further research into exploitation of non conventionals.’ Exploration and production of non conventional hydrocarbons is a ‘potentially manageable activity and there are many possibilities to improve fracking and other technologies. Some alternatives are further advanced than is commonly believed and hydraulic fracking itself is continually being improved.’ Unfortunately for industry, president Hollande declared (before the report was released) that no unconventional exploration would take place under his mandate. More from eCorp and Time Magazine.

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