LinkedIn debate rages on standards

Real-world take-up of ISO 15926 and OPC-UA questioned and defended.

Two interesting discussions are ongoing on LinkedIn which should be of interest to those struggling to standardize their upstream information technology. First an existential debate rages on the ISO 15926 LinkedIn group as to why, after over 20 years, take-up remains poor. Subsequent postings offer a potted history of the lifecycle information standard from its early days in Shell, POSC/Caesar and the STEP project and its more recent morphing into a semantic web project.
Creating the reference data, a.k.a. the taxonomy was described as a ‘Herculean’ task that has not yet finished.’ One poster criticised the ISO 15926 material as ‘cumbersome’ and inconsistent. Another user defended the technology as a source of value. In general the debate splits between those on the ‘inside’ who have cracked the code and those on the outside who appear to struggle with understanding and implementing the complex novel technology.
A mirror of the ISO 1526 discussion can be observed over on the OPC-UA LinkedIn group where similar scepticism is expressed as to the benefits of moving from ‘classic’ OPC to UA. Here the problem is also one of take-up in commercial products which is an even greater issue for OPC-UA since the older standard is still working reliably and is well supported. OPC-UA has some strong defenders though and enthusiastic support as the platform of choice for future developments.

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