KBC rolls-out PetroSim 5

New process simulator spans upstream—downstream facility modeling.

London-based KBC Advanced technologies claims to have ‘reinvented’ process simulation with the latest release of its PetroSim package. PetroSim 5 adds scenarios for lifecycle facility modeling and decision support tools to test investment and capacity hypotheses against changing conditions such as declining reservoir feeds in the upstream. The toolset claims to release value in capital and operating efficiency that is currently obscured by process simulator limitations.

PetroSim now embeds Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation technology so that users can customize modelling with their own design standards or methods.

This technology will decrease simulation time dramatically, allowing more time for the analysis of facility performance and plans. The simulator also includes third party KBC/Infochem multiflash technology in its thermodynamics module for hydrate mitigation studies in upstream and midstream applications.

KBC CTO Andrew Howell said, ‘For the upstream production facilities market we deliver facility models that understand your field plans. In refining we are the only provider of refinery-wide modelling using your own standards.’ More from KBC.

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