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Open geospatial and PODS team. PLC-open/OPC UA and ‘Industry 4.0.’ OGP’s P6 GIS format. Energistics announces common API for data transfer.

The Open geospatial consortium and the Pipeline open data standards association are to work together to enhance geospatial interoperability in the PODS data model.

The PLC-open association of IEC6 1131-3 control manufacturers and the OPC Foundation are teaming on ‘Industry 4.0’ strategies—the combination of information and communication technologies with industrial automation. New ‘cyber physical systems’ underpin the ‘smart factory.’ OPC UA is to play a critical role as will ‘semantic inter-operability.’

The geomatics committee of the UK Oil and gas producers’ association, OGP has released a generalized P6 geographic information systems data model P6/GIS to supplement the 2012 P6/11 seismic bin grid data exchange format. The standard comprises an Esri geodatabase template, data dictionary, symbology stylesheet and an example dataset along with a guideline document. All are downloadable from the OGP geomatics minisite.

Energistics reports that it is developing an application programming interface that is to be the common transfer protocol for all Energistics standards.

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