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GSE Systems has released a gas oil separation plant simulator and tutorial under its EnVision brand.

IFS has released IFS Applications as tested and certified for deployment on Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud.

Aveva’s E3D Insight is a Windows 8.1 application that lets project managers view and approve engineering designs from a mobile tablet device.

Blue Marble Geographics has released a .NET version its GeoCalc 6.6 SDK.

Cortona3D has released a Java SDK for its viewer of VRML97-formatted 3D virtual reality models.

Husky Corp. has unveiled a compact nozzle for use in drive-through fueling systems. The nozzle was developed in collaboration with Sweden’s Fuelmatics Systems.

Exprodat’s Team-GIS Exploration Analyst is an ArcGIS extension for petroleum play chance mapping, resource assessment and acreage analysis for play-based exploration workflows.

Hitachi has announced a dedicated storage adapter for Schlumberger’s Petrel, a Plug-in from the Ocean store.

Lynx has announced a preview of its web seismic viewer and basemap. The viewer integrates with mapping applications built on OpenLayers, Google Maps or the ArcGIS for Server JavaScript API.

Pegasus Vertex has announced Mudpro V3.0 with an enhanced interface, improved data loading and a SQL Server database.

Midland Valley has released FieldMove Clino for iOS and Android, combining a digital compass, clinometer, notebook and camera.

Elsevier’s Geofacets now connects to the Geological Society of America’s 80,000 map database and will be available as a Petrel plug-in early next year.

dGB Earth Sciences’ new SynthRock plugin adds forward modeling, rock physics and inversion to dGB’s OpendTect flagship.

A new 64 bit edition of Petrosys V17.4 brings ‘instant’ mapping, 3D point display and simplified depth conversion. Maps can be created by dragging required files onto the map canvas.

The 11.1 release of Caesar Systems’ PetroVR adds modeling of thermal recovery and unconventional workflows.

Francois Lepage (previously with Schlumberger) has launched ‘RockSoft,’ a new startup that is to develop proprietary subsurface modeling software and provide consultancy services in the field of geomodel software.

Tracero has announced what is claimed to be the world’s first subsea computer tomography (CT) scanner for the inspection of ‘unpiggable’ subsea coated pipelines.

The 2014 edition of Visage Information Solutions’ eponymous visual analytics software adds ‘V-Broadcast,’ to distribute ‘the right information and analyses to the right people.’

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