Talksum oil and gas data management

Cross-domain router turns well site sensor data into ‘managed event streams.’

San Francisco headquartered Talksum has announced a cross-domain data router for oil and gas applications. The Talksum data stream router (TDSR) is a hardware appliance that converts sensor and other data into ‘flexibly managed event streams.’ The TDSR sits at the well site and filters and aggregates data from multiple sources for transmission to headquarters and real-time operations centers. Talksum founder and CEO Alex Varshavsky explained, ‘Oil and gas operations depend on a range of technologies and service providers. The TDSR ingests disparate data types and intelligently routes them to real-time BI tools and databases at the appropriate location.’

The TSDR can be programmed to provide alerts on flow rate and pressures, casing seals, blowout preventer integrity, fracture gradient conditions and pore pressure, gas detection, and other safety and efficiency mechanisms, and routes the relevant data to the respective locations. The TDSR data management solution offers a systems approach, which integrates multiple domains that together assess and potentially affect overall well integrity and safety. The TDSR also provides a cyber security solution and allows for changes in government regulations and standards and corporate policy controls. Talksum claims compatibility with RTU, PLC, DCS, Scada and Wits, LAS, Modbus, OPC, Witsml, Prodml and more and offers a 100K event/second bandwidth per appliance. More from Talksum.

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