BlueFire announces 3D drill bit printer

Polycrystalline diamond bits to be manufactured on 3D printer! Game-changing technology claim.

BlueFire Equipment Corp. of Houston claims that its drill bit printing initiative is ‘well underway.’ BlueFire plans to manufacture its proprietary polycrystalline diamond cutter bits using a 3D printer. CEO Bill Blackwell said, ‘We will be integrating this leading edge technology into our manufacturing process. 3D printing could be a true game changer for our business.’

The rather curious release cites president Obama as saying ‘3D printing has the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything.’

Technologies on trial include ultraviolet stereolithography of photocurable resin, through fused deposition modeling to selective laser sintering.

To the untutored that we are, it is unclear whether the materials used in 3D printing will be sufficiently hardened to withstand the rigors of drilling. If the 3D process is simply to produce prototypes for manufacturing then why not use the design files in the computer aided manufacturing process? Unless BlueFire is printing the diamonds? That would be something. More from BlueFire.

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