Recon Technology’s shale Scada

New control system tuned to requirements of China’s intelligent non conventional operations.

Chinese oilfield automation provider Recon Technology has announced a new specialized supervisory control and data acquisition system (Scada) tuned to the needs of non conventional oil and gas development. The system was developed to overcome ‘inefficiencies’ in current Chinese shale development where equipment and services have so far underperformed. Recon Scada monitors and controls the operations of on-site equipment and transforms operations with an ‘intelligent’ production process.

Recon CTO Chen Guang Qiang said, ‘We have leveraged our experience and R&D investments in the new system. Non conventional gas requires a high continuity of production. Upsets can cause wells to water-out and shut off wells prematurely. Our automation systems help resolve such issues by providing real-time situational intelligence. Early detection of well failures means that our teams can intervene in a timely manner.’

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