WellAware launches SaaS-based oilfield communications

Secure, reliable machine to machine communications network to support Eagle Ford operators.

Startup WellAware of San Antonio, TX is to offer oil country situational awareness and asset tracking services. Its Eagle Ford network is already operational and the company has already signed its first client, Welder E&P. WellAware has developed proprietary software and a machine-to-machine (M2M) data network that enables oilfield and pipeline monitoring for its customers. Using an iPhone, iPad, Android device or a Windows 8 platform, users can track what is happening in the field in real time.

WellAware CEO and co-founder Matt Harrison said ‘Well monitoring information, pipeline and safety data is often unreliable and difficult to obtain because companies still depend on legacy communication, automation and software technologies.’ WellAware is a secure, reliable M2M data network along with interactive, map-based endpoints and bidirectional control of oilfield assets. The system is claimed to prevent theft and enable ‘rapid adjustment of production strategies to improve recovery.’ Communications leverage random phase multiple access (RPMA) patented technology from Chevron Technology Ventures-backed On-Ramp Wireless. More from WellAware.

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