More flesh on the bones of GE’s ‘Industrial Internet’

New Predix API to enable third party development of predictive analytics.

GE has put a bit more flesh on the bones of its ‘Industrial Internet’ (II) with the announcement of teamings with Amazon, Accenture and Pivotal and the development of ‘Predix,’ a ‘new’ prediction technology that targets multiple verticals including oil and gas. Predix provides a ‘standard and secure way of connecting machines, industrial big data and people.’

Reading between the lines it would appear that ‘Predix’ is, or will be an open (?) API for GE’s existing ‘Predictivity for Oil & Gas’ offering as deployed by BP in its Advanced collaboration environment (ACE). In 2014, GE is to launch a third-party developer program that will allow partners to integrate Predix platform technologies with their own solutions. Meanwhile AT&T and GE are working on a secure wireless network for the II. Cisco and GE are to leverage ‘open standards’ to advance M2M analytics and Intel is collaborating on embedded ‘virtualization and cloud-based interfaces’ for Predix. More from GE and on the BP case study.

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