New weather monitoring offerings from EarthRisk, Gill

TempRisk Apollo quantifies weather risk. New ‘MetStream’ ruggedized data hub.

San Diego-based EarthRisk Technologies has released TempRisk Apollo (TRA) a weather forecasting tool that claims to ‘quantify weather risk’ up to five weeks out. TRA presents ‘objective’ weather data via an online interface that provides subscribers with daily odds on hot and cold events. TRA integrates numerical forecast guidance from external models such as the European Center for Medium-Range Forecasting into its algorithm to provide a ‘comprehensive view of weather risk.’

ERT CEO John Plavan said, ‘TRA provides decision makers with the probability of a range of outcomes along with forecast deviations from traditional models.’ Adam O’Shay, president and head of trading at Leeward Pointe Capital added, ‘TRA provides probabilistic temperature risk-assessment across the North American natural gas market.’ TRA uses a neural network algorithm to power its medium range forecasts. More from EarthRisk.

In a separate announcement, Gill Instruments has unveiled ‘MetStream,’ a ruggedized meteorological data hub and supporting software that provides streaming multi-channel data to endpoints such as remote tablets, smartphones and PCs. Product manager Richard McKay said, ‘MetStream provides an end-to-end solution to bridge, store and stream real time data to different devices.’ Sensors can be Gill Instruments’ own brand devices or third party equipment. More from Gill Instruments.

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