Intego group simulator for oil and gas disaster prevention

Training simulator specialist signs-up with National Center for Simulation trade body.

Lake Mary, Fla. headquartered out-sourcing and software engineering provider Intego Group has joined the National Center for Simulation (NCS), a not-for-profit trade association. Intego is to bring its expertise in 3D simulation to the US market. Intego claims a ‘deep understanding’ of the oil and gas industry and believes that major disasters such as Piper Alpha and Macondo could have been prevented ‘if technical solutions in the area of 3D simulation had been sufficiently evolved.’

Intego’s software engineers were recently involved in a 3D simulation of a heavy lift operation. To minimize the risk of an accident during installation, practice sessions were conducted on the simulator. Intego MD Sergey Glushakov said, ‘We import CAD models of real objects into the 3D simulators to recreate exact virtual copies of the platform itself. This allows an operator to identify optimum conditions such as wind strength, wave force and lifting crane position. Based on recommendations from the 3D simulation, the real-life installation performed successfully.’ More from Intego.

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