‘Breakthrough’ claim for integrated software dependent systems

DNV standard for offshore software systems adopted by Hyundai for Diamond Drilling newbuild.

Following the recent facelift (Oil ITJ April 2013) of its standard for integrated software dependent systems (ISDS), DNV reports a ‘breakthrough’ with (i.e. a sale to) American drilling contractors. The claim is made in respect of a deal done with Hyundai Heavy Industries for the classification of a new build semisub that is to be owned and operated by Diamond Offshore Drilling. Hitherto the ISDS standard has only been applied by Norwegian owners.

ISDS represents ‘a new way of thinking’ on offshore verification. The methodology ensures that software and integration problems are detected and resolved early in the project design stage, rather than during commissioning and acceptance testing. Instead of focusing on a final review of documents and installations to ensure they meet product requirements, ISDS reviews the work processes used to deliver software, ‘where complete verification of the final product is nearly impossible.’ More from DNV.

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