Kongsberg’s real-time well-monitoring and early-warning system

WellAdvisor addresses casing running, drilling, cementing and blow out prevention.

Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies has announced a real-time advisory system for improved well construction operations (a.k.a. drilling). WellAdvisor is a component of Kongsberg’s SiteCom platform that supports drilling and ‘life of well’ reliability. WellAdvisor resulted from a collaboration between Kongsberg and BP that centered on monitoring casing running operations. The casing running system is the first of several systems that BP is evaluating for potential development and deployment. Other target domains include drilling and cementing and blowout prevention.

SiteCom WellAdvisor organizes information in a standardized format on consoles to facilitate information sharing and collaboration. The consoles include an early warning system for users, alerting them to potential issues that may arise and provide ‘the right information to the right place at the right time, integrating recommended practices and expertise with real-time data.’ More from Kongsberg.

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