INT rolls-out GeoToolkit with JavaScript/HTML5

Interactive Network Technologies and Intel agree, HTML5 is ‘the new Java.’

While some vendors seem to have stuck with Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight well beyond their sell-by dates, Interactive Network Technologies (INT) has taken the standards route to endpoint graphics and now offers JavaScript and HTML5 in its GeoToolkit. The popular graphics-components package for display of seismic data, logs and scientific plots now offers cross platform compatibility, running on ‘anything from desktops to mobile devices.’

At the SPE in New Orleans, Olivier Lhemann told Oil IT Journal, ‘These are the tools of the future for developers. HTML5, JavaScript and Google’s webmaster development tools. Everything now can run in the browser, on tablets, iPhones, ipads or desktops, all with the same code base.’

Further endorsement of HTML5 came in an announcement from Intel in its Software Adrenaline magazine, where Intel ‘visionary’ Moh Haghighat argues that HTML5 is the new Java. ‘HTML5 is an attractive alternative to Java. You just write your application and run it on any kind of computing device, whether it’s a phone, tablet, netbook, desktop, or TV.’ More on HTML5 from Intel (with a good online discussion) and on the GeoToolkit from

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