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Allegro, Aveva, Blueback Reservoir, DAP Technologies, Deloitte, Blue Marble, Kongsberg, Neuralog, GeoTools, Senergy, Geotrace/Tigress.

Allegro has announced V8.0 of its eponymous energy trading and risk management suite with updates to its credit, logistics, midstream and workflow modules.

Aveva has added new piping functionality to its 3D plant design package PDMS including an improved schematic 3D integrator for comparing P&IDs and 3D pipe design, integration with mechanical CAD systems and with Aveva’s own Bocad structural design and fab tool. PDMS is now also ‘Citrix-ready.’

V2.0 of Blueback Reservoir’s Geodata Investigator plug-in for Petrel adds a spatial dimension and new matrix and parallel coordinates plots. A new version of Blueback’s Project Tracker is also out, now integrated with Studio for Petrel, and including a spatial query function.

DAP Technologies has announced the DAP M9000 range of rugged mobile tablets incorporating active and passive radio frequency identification (RFID) reader capabilities.

Deloitte has unveiled PetroInsight, an interface to its data products tailored to new ventures that offers ‘data-rich’ views of global upstream oil and gas activity.

The 2013 release of FFA’s GeoTeric includes ‘Fault Expression,’ an example-driven approach to fault extraction from seismic data volumes.

Blue Marble has announced Global Energy Mapper V15.0 including a geographic calculator for coordinate transformation leveraging a direct connect to the online EPSG registry.

Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies has released LedaFlow 1.4, a new version of its transient multiphase simulator for wells and pipelines with a claimed 4X speedup in network calculations and multi-CPU capability. The new version includes Multiflash, a state of the art multiphase equilibrium calculation package.

Neuralog has unveiled three new NeuraLabel 5000e high-speed GHS-compliant chemical drum label printers compatible with SAP and all major label authoring software.

The GeoTools community has announced GeoTools 10.0 with new NetCDF and raster data functionality, a new implementation of its shapefile datastore and new OGC modules for WCS 2.0 and WCS 2.0 EO models.

Senergy has announced Interactive Petrophysics (IP) V4.2 with new cement evaluation and production log analysis modules.

Geotrace announced Tigress 6 earlier this year, its ‘major new’ data management toolset. The release includes a Windows port, a SEGY Toolbox and a SQLite database option. A GeoBrowse for ArcGIS add-on allows users to interact with Tigress projects and data via the ArcGIS Desktop environment. The GTK platform was used to support Geotrace’s cross platform development.

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