Utilipoint leverages Hadoop in energy data analytics

Sister company StraTech and partner Cloudera team on ‘big data’ solution to energy data mining.

Energy research and advisory boutique UtiliPoint has expanded its data analytics practice with a Hadoop services offering. UtiliPoint COO Bob Bellemare said, ‘Expanding our analytics capabilities to include Hadoop will help customers identify previously unrecognizable associations and trends.’ The offering is backed by sister company StraTech and partner Cloudera, a Hadoop specialist.

UtiliPoint MD Rand Warsaw added, ‘When it comes to data analysis, size and speed are no longer issues. A terabyte of unstructured data previously took hours to process. With Hadoop, it can be mined in seconds. The issue now is what companies need to know and how best to use the data.’ UtiliPoint and StraTtech are units of Midas Medici Group, an IT services and infrastructure provider. More on Hadoop in the July-August 2012 issue of Oil IT Journal.

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