Control system virtualization

Invensys offers thin client support and cyber security best practices for DCS installation projects.

Virtualization, providing compute resources from a data center rather than from a local PC is proving a good way to separate hardware from applications to improve IT flexibility and scalability. Now, Invensys’ Operations Management unit is extending virtualization to process control systems by providing thin client support for its Foxboro I/A Series distributed control system (DCS). Invensys offers DCS virtualization on the Microsoft HyperV and VMware platforms.

Invensys’ Gary Freburger explained, ‘Control and safety systems are often delivered as turnkey solutions which can take up to 18 months to implement. Virtualization of our Intelligent Marshalling and Intelligent Engineering workbench solutions reduces implementation costs and project risk.’

The offering includes a new range of servers qualified as optimized virtual machine-hosting appliances along with diskless terminals, thin client management software and software. Invensys is also providing advice on cyber-security best practices and approved virtualized architectures.

Virtual machines are accessible worldwide via terminal services so global teams can work on projects around the clock. Invensys claims that the virtualization route to deployment ‘could be made available to customers after commissioning by offering off-site archive services, as well as shadow-system support for customers willing to share their applications with Invensys support teams.’ More from Invensys here.

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