Real time location system tracks oil and gas personnel and assets.

Mojix’ RFID tags track personnel and critical mobile assets for safety and supply chain transparency.

Los Angeles-based Mojix, a provider of wide-area RFID networks and passive RFID asset tracking solutions has announced an ‘increased focus’ on the oil and gas industry. The Mojix ‘space-time array reader’ (Star) passive real-time location system tracks critical assets and supports personnel safety applications. Star improves safety by eliminating processes where there is potential for accident or injury. The location of personnel is known at all times and the system ensures that employees are properly attired by reading RFID tags on helmets and safety vests.

Mojix provides ‘deep supply chain transparency’ by reading passive RFID tags on oil country tubular goods from a distance. Workers need not un-rack and examine pipes to check inventory. This is claimed to reduce the number of human touch points and the incidence of lost items. Passive RFID tags are available for containers, pipes, tools, cases and other asset classes from over 100 vendors. The tags implement the ISO-approved EPCGen2/GS1 UHF standard for devices operating in the 860MHz to 960MHz ISM band. The system can read tags at a distance of ‘up to’ 200 meters. Mojix was founded in 2004 by ex JPL/NASA scientists.

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