Agip deploys Ubisense location-based personnel safety solution

‘World’s largest’ deployment of real time mustering solution leverages S3 ID’s personnel safety tags.

In what is claimed to be the world’s largest geographic deployment of a real-time personnel location and mustering system, AGIP has selected Cambridge, UK-based Ubisense, in partnership with Norwegian S3 ID for its Kazakhstan operations. In the event of an accident, S3 ID provides first responder with critical data on who was present at a facility and who has been accounted for at muster points. AGIP’s safety system shares such information across multiple locations, both on and off site. The technology combines RFID tags with Ubisense’s ‘ultra wide band’ communications technology. A small battery powered tag provides three-dimensional location with 50cm accuracy at up to 200m range.

S3 ID is used to control the maximum ‘people on board’ in a specific environment. Tags can also provide electronic control of permits to work and to restrict access to specific control systems through a central database of permissions. Ubisense’s geospatial solutions featured at a recent meeting of the FOSS4G community where Peter Batty presented his ‘myWorld’ app as an exemplar of ‘disruptive technology’ (Oil ITJ May 2012).

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