BMC for Pemex

BMC’s ‘ERP for IT’ solution sees across-the-board take-up in Pemex’ drive to rationalize applications and data centers.

BMC Software’s Business service management (BSM) platform is to see widespread adoption by Pemex IT professionals. Pemex CIO Abraham Galan is using the tool to transform a disparate IT system of over a thousand applications and multiple data centers to a connected and standard infrastructure. Previously each Pemex division had its own proprietary IT. Galan saw this as an opportunity to implement a new strategy and platform, rationalizing its applications and data centers.

Following trials with several other solutions, Pemex has now switched its IT management to the BSM. The result is improved levels of customer service and better visibility into overall work flows and processes. Pemex has implemented pretty much the whole of the BMC solution which Galan describes as ‘an ERP for IT.’ This is helping Pemex decide where to cut costs and where to invest. Galan is now looking outside of the IT department and is planning to use the platform to configure the rest of Pemex’ business processes. Pemex’ ‘Basica’ gas and chemicals unit deployed BMC software back in 2010 (Oil ITJ January 2010). Shell also reported use of BMC in its Malaysian ‘MegaCenter’ (Oil ITJ March 2002). More from BMC.

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