Smalltalk facilitates PetroVR object retrieval and re-usability

Caesar Systems uses Smalltalk programming language to capture, modify and audit user actions.

Caesar Systems’ Leandro Caniglia and Carlos Ferro delivered presentations to the 2012 EU Smalltalk user conference in Belgium last month. Caniglia’s hands-on live demo showed how Smalltalk-coded software can be enhanced to handle multiple scenarios within a time-oriented ‘virtual world.’ Ferro’s presentation was titled ‘Saving and retrieving objects in a changing environment.’ He showed how Smalltalk addresses the problem of storing rich objects and adapting them later to an application that may have undergone many changes over a span of several years.

Such back-compatibility is a feature of Caesar Systems’ PetroVR software. The company is a long time user Smalltalk. Smalltalk addresses the challenges of changing environments in many ways. Its conceptual simplicity and economy makes developers stick to a few simple principles, which remain stable under change.

Caniglia explained to Oil IT Journal that Smalltalk’s keystroke recording functionality meant that user scenarios could be captured on the fly and modified or re-run at will. This makes the environment well suited to sensitivity analysis and hypothesis testing. Smalltalk has been in use since the 1980s. One flagship Smalltalk deployment is JP Morgan’s ‘Kapital’ financial risk management and pricing application.

PetroVR is used by BOEM (formerly the MMS), BHP Billiton, BP, Chevron, ENI, Maersk, Murphy Oil, Shell, Talisman and Total. Visit Caesar Systems on and read the blog here.

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