Gaming technology drives HARC’s virtual drilling rig

Coastal Impacts Technology Program and Epic Software roll-out ‘green’ drilling demonstrator.

The Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC), in conjunction with the Coastal Impacts Technology Program (CITP) and the Epic Software Group are developing a multimedia web application, the 3D virtual rig tour (3DVRT), to demonstrate advances in environmentally friendly drilling technologies. CITP head Richard Haut said, ‘The application contrasts conventional drilling techniques with new methods with a suite of videos and 3D animations.’ The videos are presented by virtual roughnecks ‘Ralph and Rhonda.’

Epic Software has provided the animation, web graphics, video and programming for the project using a ‘powerful software engine’ that allows visitors to move around the rig, play videos and retrieve information on related ‘green’ products. The 3DVRT showcases closed loop mud systems, small footprint rigs, advanced hydraulic fracturing systems and high efficiency water handling and processing systems. The 3DVRT project was funded through a grant from the U.S. Department of the Interior, Coastal Impact Assistance Program. Take the 3D Virtual rig tour here.

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