White paper on seismic processing storage solutions

Robert Lai explains NetApps big data, high bandwidth, single data container solution.

NetApp has just released a seismic processing solution guide, a 56 page white paper authored by Robert Lai. The NetApp seismic processing solution (SPS) offers a single, scalable file system exposing the entire data set with petabyte scalability. The SPS comprises the E5400 storage system and StorNext file system (SNFS). SNFS is described as a ‘single data container’ with SAN, IP, and NAS connectivity for Windows, Linux and Apple Mac clients. The SNFS metadata controller communicates with client workstations over a dedicated Ethernet network—a low latency ‘private’ communications channel that arbitrates overall access to the shared file system.

The metadata manager (which comes in both Linux and Microsoft Windows flavors) also provides configuration and management support. The system provides ‘big data’ bandwidth of ‘up to’ 4.4GB/sec bandwidth from a single 4U rack unit and 1.8 petabyte storage in a 40U rack. More on NetApp storage and oil and gas data management here. Read Lai’s white paper here.

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