Moonwalk builds oil and gas data archive system on NetApp

Industry veteran Duncan Wright behind ‘scalable solution’ for oil and gas ‘big data’ challenges.

Palo Alto, CA-based Moonwalk is offering a NetApp-based solution for oil and gas data management. Moonwalk’s software proactively archives data according to rules and policies based on criteria such as age, size, type, name or creator. The solution is said to be transparent to users and applications.

Moonwalk CTO and industry veteran Duncan Wright (joint founder of PECC, and Enigma Data Solutions) said, ‘Moonwalk is a scalable solution to the data management of the oil and gas industry. Previously, developments in disk technology have more or less kept pace with data growth meaning that performant data management and archiving have been seen as ‘nice to have’ rather than mission critical. With the massive expansion of non conventional activity, we are now seeing data management moving center stage.’ Moonwalk’s technology for NetApp targets projects with ‘big data’ challenges such as management of large unstructured datasets. The Moonwalk product’s core design enables effective data management across storage tiers. More from Moonwalk.

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