Troika’ Magneto sparks move to RODE on disk

User-friendly seismic tape-to-disk transcription encapsulates data to disk files.

UK-based Troika International has announced Magneto, a user friendly seismic tape transcription utility that is designed to ‘secure’ the contents of any seismic tape by writing it to disk. Magneto transcribes individual SEG-Y files from tape and writes them to an encapsulated SEG-Y file on disk for further analysis and archive. The system can read from legacy 9 and 21 track tape drives as well as modern SCSI devices. A batch mode allows for transcription of multiple projects. The thorny problem of adopting non SEG-Y seismic formats to disk is also solved with encapsulation—using the industry-standard, SEG supported RODE* format. Magneto runs on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Linux. More from Troika.

* Record oriented data encapsulation.

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