ISN Solutions provides virtualized desktop to Premier

Geoscience applications run remote on Citrix XenDesktop and Nvidia Quadro hardware.

Aberdeen-based systems integrator ISN Solutions has helped Premier Oil virtualize its geoscience desktops. Premier’s geoscientists are located in the company’s London, Aberdeen and Stavanger offices and frequent collaboration is required on seismic interpretation projects using tools such as SMT Kingdom. In the past, managing applications, data and interpretations at these site has been problematical.

Enter ISN’s ‘remote access to 3D applications’ solution, a Citrix XenDesktop-based virtual desktop leveraging the compute power of an Nvidia Quadro graphics card to power 3D applications. A Dell T-series workstation in Aberdeen was repurposed as a XenDesktop host and a Windows 2008 server was deployed as a controller. Geologists in London and Stavanger can now go launch a remote desktop session on the XenDesktop host. The high-end graphics card provisions dual remote monitors at a 19201200 resolution. Early users report improved response over the previous VNC remote desktop running Kingdom. Other applications and usage scenarios are being tested in the proof of concept deployment. More from ISN Solutions.

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